How It Works


The hydrogen sold at True Zero stations today to re-fuel hydrogen electric vehicles (HEVs) gets transported in from facilities producing hydrogen for industrial uses. Two-thirds of this hydrogen is derived from fossil fuels, such as natural gas. But one-third, in keeping with California state law, comes from renewable sources such as bio-mass.

How does hydrogen actually push a vehicle down the road? The hydrogen that comes from a TrueZero dispenser flows to carbon-fiber fuel tanks where it is stored in the vehicle. The front grille on the vehicle lets in outside air to the fuel-cell stack under the hood. Hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel-cell where a chemical reaction creates the electricity that powers the vehicle.

Refueling with hydrogen takes just a few minutes. And as the acceleration of an HEV is terrific. The only real problem a driver should have is having too much fun behind the wheel.

Hydrogen Vehicle Cutaway

  • 1 Power control unit
  • 2 Motor
  • 3 Boost converter
  • 4 Fuel cell stack
  • 5 Hydrogen tanks
  • 6 Battery

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