Sources of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe! Using hydrogen to power our vehicles is an opportunity for a cleaner future. As we continue to work with our partners and other retail hydrogen fuel providers, we can dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

The U.S. produces about nine million tons of hydrogen per year. Ideally, a substantial amount of hydrogen power in our everyday lives will be delivered by electrolyzing water, with electricity from mostly renewables—solar, wind, bio-mass. Today the hydrogen that powers our fuel-cell vehicles comes from these sources as well as fossil fuels.

Producers of hydrogen today derive hydrogen from petroleum, natural gas, coal and bio-mass. Through chemical processing, hydrogen atoms are separated from those fuel stocks mostly by way of steam. Then, the hydrogen is captured and compressed as a gas that is stored in tanks.

One third of TrueZero fuel is renewable and we’re continuously working to increase that number. Our fuel means cleaner air and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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