Sales by True Zero’s California hydrogen network Power more than two million zero-emission miles of driving

October 26, 2016

Adoption of hydrogen powered fuel cell cars accelerates in California

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — True Zero, which operates the world’s largest network of hydrogen charging stations, has powered two-million miles of zero-emission driving on California roads 60 days after reaching its first million miles.  By comparison, it took nine months for the company to reach the first million miles, reflecting the significant ramp up of fuel cell cars in California.

Toyota began retailing its Mirai fuel cell vehicle in California late last year and Honda will begin deliveries of its Clarity fuel-cell car in California by year end.  Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai have also announced plans to begin retailing a fuel cell car in the near future.

True Zero ( has built 16 hydrogen-charging stations in its statewide hydrogen network spanning from San Diego, through Orange County and Los Angeles, to Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Lake Tahoe, including a station on the I-5 corridor at Harris Ranch.

“With a hydrogen network that spans across California and allows drivers to charge up in four minutes, electric fuel-cell cars with over 300-mile range are proving they can replace gasoline cars,” said Joel Ewanick, Founder and CEO of FirstElement Fuel, True Zero’s parent (  “This kind of ramp means customers are choosing electric fuel cells as a vehicle that does it all, but with zero emissions.”

True Zero is developing its hydrogen charging stations with grants from the California Energy Commission, the South Coast AQMD, and the Bay Area AQMD as well as financing from Toyota and American Honda.  In addition to completing its first 16 hydrogen charging stations at an unprecedented speed, True Zero is beginning construction of two more stations, and is in the process of permitting a third station for construction.

“It’s thanks to the monies and commitment from the State of California and our other funding partners that this retail hydrogen network has been brought to life,” said Ewanick.

Since opening for retail vehicle charging, the True Zero Network has performed nearly 12,000 charges totaling more than 33,800 kilograms of hydrogen.  That translates to True Zero’s stations having powered more than 2,000,000 zero-emission miles in hydrogen electric cars and having eliminated 1.9-million pounds of CO2 emissions.

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